cashYes PayPal has been a pain in the butt, but I cannot deviate from using the service as clients would prefer it. With the annoying 3-5 days for the transfer period to be complete, some entrepreneurial minds came up with 3rd-party exchangers or encashers. The idea is to send your PayPal balance to the said service, then their agents will transfer the cash equivalent (less their fees) to your bank account within minutes of clearing time. That makes receiving payments hassle-free for our hardworking VA’s. Some of these services  I will blog today with the help of my fellow VA friends (Mawe, Kei and Noemi) from Facebook -All whom had used the services they contributed in this post.


Peso Exchanger


About:  This Cebu-based offers superb customer service through chatting within their profile in Facebook. The agents (Niel, Bien or  ) only use the same page to conduct business.  Office hours (9AM-8PM). I have used this service twice and so far I am loving it. I compared the PE deductions to the final remittance and found out that the amount  deducted as fees was just as the same as when you wait 3-5 days for a normal PayPal bank transfer!

How It Works:

1. Getting Started. Add the PE Facebook profile as friend. As you start chatting with any one of them, he or she will guide you  through the whole process of setting your account with them.

Start by filling-up their online form . Also take time to read their Terms of Service. Unless your card is UnionBank, enrolling your bank account will take 3 days to get into their system. An email shall be sent to you for the meeting schedule of your identity verification process. You will need to install Team Viewer so that they can check your identity and source of funds. After which, exchanging your monies will only take minutes.

2. Exchange Procedure. Again, chat with any of the agents available once you see the PE profile online. The agent (usually Neil) will PATIENTLY guide you through on how to make your first transaction (I put all caps since he is such a sweetheart! ^_^ ) All you need is to give the right info: Amount to be sent and account number. He will then give you a PayPal email address on to use as recipient. Don’t worry about seeing different email addresses in every transaction -As long as you are chatting with the PE chatbox that is OK. After a few minutes (30 minutes on the 1st try then real-time on the next) your money is now available on your bank account.

Tip: It will be noteworthy to enroll your card with an online banking account, to make balance inquiries right away.

Fees:  5% fee for 4,000 PHP and above and 8% for 3,999 PHP and below.



Review by Mawe Barrios

Here’s my short review of the Paypal exchange service I use.

I use every time I need to exchange my Paypal funds for cash. The service is quick and the charges are quite reasonable, especially when you consider the convenience it offers.

All you need to do is to first calculate the fees you will incur, based on the amount you are planning to encash. The website has a site-based calculator for that very purpose. Just enter the amount you need to encash and click the button. If you’re okay with the rates, just click the “Pay Now” button to start the payment process.

You will need to include your bank account number and mobile phone number in the notes for the transaction. It usually doesn’t take more than 15 minutes for your funds to show up in your bank account. I have even experienced getting my funds within five minutes of sending the money, but perhaps that is because I usually send a text message to the owner right after encashing my Paypal funds.

Overall, I am very pleased and satisfied with’s service.




Quoted parts with permission from Noemi Cariaso-Mora’s blog post.

“The fee is a little bit higher though but you have numerous options on how you would like to get hold of your money. But if you want real time transfer of your funds, then that extra fee is worth it. You can have them transfer your funds not only to your bank account but also to your Unionbank Eon Card, SmartMoney or GCash and any other payment processor (Alertpay, Liberty Reserve, Payza, etc).

Their service is fast and super efficient. Everything is done online so it doesn’t really matter where you are. You can even pay your utility bills or buy cellphone load using your Paypal funds. Just check out their website as to what other services they have to offer.

Aside from providing efficient service, what’s good about PayManila is they keep on finding ways on how to better serve their clients. They are very accommodating and you can even chat with them if you have questions or things that you need to clarify. Since security and transparency is important in a business such as theirs, they keep up with the times and provide innovative ways on how to do this and still provide quality service to their loyal clientele.

It is important that you follow their verification process before you can transact business with them. Just like in Paypal, since everything is basically a faceless transaction, they need to know that they are dealing with a real person so you need to send them proof.

Here are the steps on how to transact business with for the first time;

1) Verification – there are actually 3 steps involved here. First you need to register in their site. Next, read on the verification process, fill out the information needed, then send the required documents. The last step is to ask them to add you in the Verified members Facebook group.

2) Check out their calendar – this is done to familiarize yourself with their business days and time. Knowing this information before sending your request will let you know if they are online and ready to do business or if they are offline.

3) Paybill Request form – you need to fill out and submit to them the request form

4) Post on FB page – for transparency and for the protection of both you and PayManila, they request that you post in the group page the date of your transaction and your type of request (Ex. PP to BDO). Some people are comfortable in posting the amount of their transaction, but personally, the former two would suffice. PayManila will post there the transaction number so it will be easier for you to trace back information should you need it.

Only the verification process takes time but once you are already a verified member, everything is done fast and efficient.”



Image from Working Muhm PayPal Exchange Facebook Page

Working Muhm Paypal Exchange

Review by: Kei San Pablo of The K Squad Philippines

Fuss free exchange!

- Just ask Gracielle if she has available funds, if yes, need to send her the payment in Paypal in Pesos. She charges 5% of the total amount. She will then deposit the money to your bank account, or transfer via Unionbank EON or BPI transfer.
3. Recommend the site?
I highly recommend her services, as I have tried it already for 4 times from Php 7,000 to up to Php 20,000. She is very accommodating and responsive via Facebook. First time users might have doubts so I suggest to try it out for a small amount first to test out the services.
So to summarize, these exchanger services charges 5-10% of the total exchange amount. If you need more help, simply contact any one of their authorized agents and let them help you get started.