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How to Make an Impressive Facebook Personal Profile

Do you find it hard to get virtual assistant jobs, especially for newbies?

Maybe your resume is not enough. Maybe they are looking more human, more personal.

When recruiters want to know more about you, they will be less likely to call up the people on your reference list. Instead, they will check your Facebook profile for more juicy information. But what exactly it is that they are looking for? First, more than your skills, they want to know more about your personality. They want to find out whether you are a good fit into the culture of their company.

Are you the perfect recruit?

Does your Facebook profile reflect the following?

  • Trustworthiness?
  • Loyalty?
  • Respect?
  • Decency?
  • Some of your leadership, intellectual or smart attributes?
  • a Positive mental attitude, perhaps?

These virtues will naturally come out from the kind of content you share on your social media profiles.

Here is a snapshot of my FB profile… What do you see?


I see a happy/avid female cyclist with a lot of friends… Someone educated with work experience, with a good following too.

So if you are a recruiter for a social media marketing job opening. Would you consider me to be part of your company?

Just as I were thinking….

I had been working on social media for a long time, even held talks to students about etiquette, cyber-bullying and reputation management. I often tell them that Facebook is not just an online diary for your storage purposes.

It is a platform where you BROADCAST your life chronicles.

So here is a quick checklist on how to make your Facebook profile impressive to recruiters and prospective employers.

1. Complete your personal profile information

  • Upload good profile and photos
  • Edit your Job history tag your former companies
    • If you have none, then start working on projects for one!
    • I’ve often see this and it is quite embarrassing:

Is “Sa Puso Mo” a company? Or, it is simply because you are always unemployed? Also do you know what an “Open Relationship” means? I do. This is definitely not something you want recruiters to see.

  • Edit School and Education -very important.
  • Contact information: You can limit the information to email address or Skype ID since they can also contact you through PM.

2. Share decent, smart and inspiring status updates.

  • Think: “Worth Sharing” posts, links, photos and videos
  • Something to reflect how smart and educated you are.

3. Set your privacy settings. Facebook is loaded with privacy controls to let you choose who will see your posts.

  • Keep personal posts (where you went on vacation, honest opinion, the food you ate, selfies, etc) among “friends”


  • Keep professional or “bragging” posts public, so recruiters who hadn’t added you as friends will see them. This one has more than 160 likes in 24 hours.


  • You can also hide some parts of your Facebook sidebars, Photos and Videos to “Only Me” too.
fb5 only me

Hide all the TMI’s (Too much infromation)

4. Know the things you should never be found on your profile

  • Bad or offensive words
  • Slang
  • Indecent, naked or half-naked photos
  • Drunk party photos
  • Shared stories of low tastes: dubsmash, memes (unless it is intelligible), corny videos
  • Game request (excessive doses)
  • Malware links
  • Anything that is of low-tastes.

5. Highlight your skills for the jobs you are applying for. Post about what you know about computers, content writing, use of tools such as Google Apps, running ads etc. Anything that would spark recruiters interest.

Facebook Page vs Profile

Most recruiters would look for you re personal profile. Make a list of your top 5 personality traits and shape your over-all Facebook profile from there. You can create a Business Page to focus on your skills, so that they can see if you can maintain their official pages as well.

Always think, “What if a prospective employer see this?”. IT should guide you through shaping your Facebook profile into a more of an opportunity-magnet!

Go ahead, give your FB profile a nice makeover.

To your success,


Maribeth Brown-Oliver

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