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[Hot] My 2015 Video Resume: How to record, edit and upload a quick one

I just realized that my old video resume is over 2 years old! Of course I want my clients to see a more recent image of me, so I decided to update a new version.

What is a video resume?

A video resume is a short clip in which you can describe your skills and moreover, your personality. It may not be as quirky as this famous one:

A simple, easy to play video resume will do for most prospective clients. The idea is to attract the clients who are looking for someone with a positive personality: Someone creative and will do something out of the ordinary in order to be noticed.

To make your own quick video resume, what you need will be:

  • A smartphone: I discovered that my Cherry Mobile Smartphone has better video recording quality over my laptop webcam at 2.0MP;
  • A monopod, the one you use to do a selfie;
  • Smartphone headset, the mic picks up better sound quality than the built in mic;
  • A video editor like Windows Live Movie Maker;
  • Some photos you want to insert; and
  • Your short script- on a Notepad


1. Prepare your script. Simply start with an introduction, then skill sets, then some personal notes about yourself. Close the script with a contact information.

2. Pick a spot where you can shoot with ample daylight and some quiet. I picked mine right on my workstation where I hang a curtain as background. Make sure to dress appropriately and groom a bit for video purposes.

3. Get a comfortable seat and mount your smart phone on the monopod. Practice some lines and prospective that will provide you with most optimal video quality: sound, background and lighting.

Recording using a Smartphone on a Monopod
4. With your script displayed near the camera (mine was on the laptop, behind the smartphone). You will actually need to practice recording a few times to muster some confidence.

5. Record. Simply read the script. Glance every now and then to the camera, this will make it look like you actually memorize your lines. Do not be shy to move your head a bit so you look natural.

  • If you commit a mistake, Do not stop the video! Simply pause talking, breathe then continue talking. It is much easier to chop off unwanted parts of the raw video rather than repeating the whole recording process.
  • It is important to keep your posture on the video with the chin up and shoulders relaxed.
  • It is also okay to read your script slowly and clearly, as our Filipino accent may sound different to foreign ears.

6. Save the video as Mp4 format. Transfer the file from your Smartphone to your computer.

7. Edit, open up Windows Live Movie Maker. If you haven’t installed it, then download it for free.  Once you have the software installed, simply drag the video file on to the video editor.

8. Two important commands you can use: Split and delete. Split the parts with the errors on the timeline then delete them.

You shall see the segments within the video timeline.

9. Add effects such as transitions. I like the cinematic blur and flip screen.

10. If you want to much clearer audio, or just want to isolate an audio clip and replace the video part with a photo, then simply save the video first as an Audio Only. Get the part you want for the photo with audio, then insert it on the timeline. Delete the duplicate video clip.

Movie edit

11. Wrap the video with a credit frame with your contact information. For privacy purposes, it is better to put an email address as a video overlay at the end of the clip.

12.Once you are done editing, save the file as a project. Export the video file using the pre-added Youtube settings.

Movie edit 2

13. Play the video. Once you are happy with the quality then upload it to your Youtube account. Here is the finished video I made in roughly 45 minutes only.

Happy Job Hunting!


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