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Verifying PayPal with BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard -It Works!

on August 30, 2013

I have some money sitting on my PayPal account for quite some time, but I cannot withdraw them since my account is not verified. I had problems with the bank since I don’t much “valid” ID’s: Driver’s Licence, Passport, Company ID, SSS, etc. I only have my ever-trusty Postal ID. Unionbank, BPI, other banks had rejected my ID. But what can I do? Applying for a Passport or driver’s will make me spend more and will take more time.

Most freelancers know that Unionbank EON Debit card is the only card in the Philippines to handle PayPal transactions well. It can both verify and accept cash withdrawals from a PayPal account without any hassle. But sadly, my old card expired and I had a hard time getting a new one. Sigh!

So after searching for the internet, I found some blog posts about using this new product from BPI: My ePrePaid Mastercard. So this will be the second debit card you can only use in PH to verify your PayPal account.

BPI’s My ePrePaid Mastercard is just not another cash card: as it is only designed to make online and electronic purchases (charge). You can reload amount on the card, but you cannot use it to withdraw cash from an ATM account. So if you want to buy online or run online ad campaigns, you can use this like a credit card but you have to reload it with the amount needed. But today, you can basically use this to verify you PayPal account.  So I thought why not give the product a shot? It might help me verify my account once and FOR ALL!

Part 1: Getting My ePrepaid Account

1. Apply online to the BPI website. This is less hassle than waiting in line and needing to present ID’s. Just fill up the form and select the BPI branch nearest you for pickup. You will need to prepare P500 as card processing fee, P150-200 initial funds (as PayPal will deduct P100 amount during the verification process) and one valid ID.

2. You will receive some instructions via email on when to pickup dates (5 business days). But make it up to 10 business days as what happened to me. I applied for it August 6th and it was delivered at the branch Aug 15th. When you go to the branch just bring the ID and the payments. That’s it! It does not need a password and managing the account is included in the welcome packet.

3. Wait for 24 hours for the load amount you paid to reflect on the card. I was too excited to try it that I logged-in to PayPal the minute I got home and the card got rejected on the first try. With the advice of my PVAN friends on Facebook, I decided to try it the next day. Woot! It worked!

Part 2: Verifying Paypal

1. Log on to your PayPal Account.

2. Click “Verify”

3. Select “MasterCard” as Type of Card

4. Add your MasterCard information, making sure that the address, numbers and expiry dates are all the same as the one on the card. Spellings and abbreviations used in the “Address” should be the same one you used when you applied for the card. For example, I just moved to Las Pinas but my valid ID is in Makati. Therefore, I used Makati as billing address in both bank and PayPal data. If you have a different Billing Address like “Block 2 Lot 5” vs. “Blk 2 L5” or “Baranggay” vs “Brgy.”, there is a chance that the card will be rejected. So make sure to be consistent in imputing bank data.

5. When the form is all filled, click “Submit”.

6. A prompt will show that you will need to get the verification code once the P100 is deducted by PayPal. Just wait 2-3 days to get the code. It should look something like this: “PP 1234CODE *EXPUSE. You can get it by:

a. Phone: Call 24/7 BPI Hotline 89-100 and Press 4 for BPI Express Cash. Or opt to talk to a representative so you can ask for the code directly from them.

b. Mobile: Text BALEC <space> <your 16-digit end to 2274 (Globe and TM), 3274 (Smart and Talk n’ Text). P2.50 SMS charges apply.

c. Email: and request for the verification code. Include your full name and card number on the message. This is the method I used and I got the code in 24 hours!

d. Internet Banking: If you have an existing BPI Online account, then log-in and add your card as Express Cash.

7. Once you get the 4-digit code. Login to your PayPal account and finish the verification.

That’s it! Now I can withdraw my remaining PayPal balance or have it en-chashed real-time with the help of PayPal exchangers. That is another story. Hope it helps! Ciao!


11 responses to “Verifying PayPal with BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard -It Works!

  1. Grace says:

    Thanks a lot Maribeth! I believe this post will help me a lot too. I seem to have the same problem as yours. Keep up the very good blog. Cheers!

  2. Yoyong says:

    Maribeth, can you withdraw cash from it?

    • Maribeth says:

      Actually, no Yoyong. The prepaid card is only designed to make charge or online purchases where in you need to enter credit card info. So in case you need to pay for something online and you don’t have a credit card, all you need is to get this My ePrepaid card and reload with with the amount. That’s is why it is called prepaid. You can reload it but not encash the balance.

      • Joy says:

        Maribeth im having trouble with my paypal verification, ive just got my express cash card at bpi and its a mastercard as well, got it this afternoon and I’ve reloaded 200php in it but it still says I’ve putted a wrong info or something is not correct why is that? Or shall I wait for 24hrs before trying this card on paypal for verification? Thanks.

      • The regular BPI express teller does not work for verification, only for widrawals. The only cards working for verifications are BPI ePrepaid (a reloadable online purhcase-only card), Unionbank EON and major credit cards. If the problem persist contact paypal as well as your bank.

  3. […] Verifying PayPal with BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard -It Works! ( […]

  4. stephen says:

    Hi Maribeth, still I never got an email from BPI for 4 digit verification code since 5 days, what should I do?

  5. Renz Rampas says:

    hi, where can i find my personal info, I think I have type a wrong address?

  6. Mike says:

    hi maribeth, i’m curious about “paypal exchangers”, what are they?? I have the same problem with encashing. Even if I enroll a bpi eprepaid card, I won’t be able to withdraw it using the same card… :(

  7. Ezra says:

    so you can use it to verify paypal but cant withdraw, but you can withdraw to your bank account because the limit is taken off. is that it?

  8. Tinay says:

    hi…i just want to ask…how do i add or transfer money from my e-prepaid card to my paypal account? I only have 100.00 pesos on my paypal account since I cant seemed to transfer money to it. And that 100 was from paypal when they refunded the 100 pesos?

    i hope you could help…Ive been trying to solve this problem but to no avail.. I really want to start using my paypal account.. =(


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